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Public Skating

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Requirements for Entry

  • All participants must stop by the registration desk to sign-in (Sault Tribe Members) or pay admission fees and rental fees (non-Sault Tribe Members.)
  • Sault Tribe Members must present proof of membership (tribal ID) to receive waived fees. Regular fees will apply if the participant is not able to provide proof of membership.
  • Participants will receive a wristband, please wear visibly.


Rules of Participation

  • Locker rooms will not be available, but an area to put skates on will be provided.
  • You must have ice skates on at all times when you are on the ice.
  • Figure skating tricks should be done in the center, not near the edges.
  • No hockey sticks, pucks, or balls.
  • No skating against traffic.
  • No sitting on boards or throwing objects on ice (ie snowballs).
  • No speed skating, pushing, pulling, trains, conga lines, chase or tag games.
  • Skate aids must be rented out at the registration desk.
  • Skate aids must be used correctly
    • User must hold on with both hands at all times, pushing the skate aid forward.
    • NO horseplay allowed- riding on, forming conga lines, pushing skate aid across the ice into on-coming traffic is prohibited. 
  • No food or beverages are allowed on the ice.
  • No abusive or profane language.